Facebook - Time to Criket

Studio: BIEN - the Inclusive Motion Design Studio
Role: Cel Animator

This project was for Facebook, celebrating the most popular sport in India and how it brings family and friends together. 




Animated all characters, and items interacting with characters



Meta | Facebook

Head Of Creative Growth: Sean Pryor

Creative Program Manager: Carlos Lema

Creative Director: Hung Le

Executive Producer: Ricardo Roberts

Associate Creative Director: Carlos Alegria

Senior Producer: Nicole Beyer

Illustration and Design: Carlos Alegria, Marco Cheatham, Daniel Amdemichael, Sonia Claudia Alexandrino Gomes, Felipe Fiori, Claudio Araos, Pasquale Garibaldi

2D Animators & Compositors: Chris Saez, Magali Garcia, Sara Litzenberger

3D Animation: Andrea Gendusa

Cel Animation: Aly Tain, Anna Taberko, Juan Nadalino, Ale Imondi

Cel Clean-up: Echo Wilson, Brittany Penn, Sameera Joshi, Juliana Gorgati, Ally Schuman

Custom Music and Sound Design: John Poon

Recording Engineer: Stephen Koszler

Musicians: Anwar Khurshid on Sitar, Pankaj Mishra on Sarangi, Ravi Naimpally on Tabla and Percussion

Cultural Consultant: Kruthi Hindupur Vasanthamadhave

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