Between Lines

Created by: Sarah Beth Morgan
Role: Cel Animator

I got the amazing opportunity to be part of this very unique short film with a beautiful message. The Between Lines project originated from Sarah's personal story of when she went through some tramatic experiences with her childhood friends. Being suddenly shut out from former friends, to bullying, to becoming "friends" again, Sarah says it led to her gaining trust issues, exaggerated her perfectionism, and people- pleasing qualities.

When I originally heard Sarah's story, I couldn't help but also reflect on the bullys of my childhood and how that has partically shaped me as a person as well. Sarah's passion project has grown to be so much more than just a project. I believe her story helps validates the experiences of many boys, girls, and anyone who got bullied, and show that they are not alone. I love everything this film stands for, please check out the project's original site to learn more about the mission ! 

Original uploaded here.



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